About rusty duck..


So. A person decides, together with her better half, to leave behind the stressful day job and move to a simpler life in the country.

They find a cottage. “In need of updating” the estate agent said. Ho ho ho. And the rest. There’s a bit of land. Mostly woodland plus a garden. The national collection of brambles, stinging nettles and montbretia that isn’t going to stop until it has taken over the world. Just to make life really easy, the whole lot perched precariously on the side of a 45 degree hill.

The ducks are rusty for a reason. There’s a lot of rain. It’s 84 steps up to the garage, the post, the grocery delivery and any other contact with the outside world. No mobile signal. No gas.

And did anyone ever mention the wildlife? No. The deer, rabbits, squirrels, voles, pheasants and slugs which between them consume anything and everything the gardener might possibly want to grow? No. The mice that inhabit the tool shed and keep the garden machinery repair man rubbing his hands together in glee? No. And don’t let’s forget the local farmer’s cows and sheep either. ‘The Great Escape’ has nothing on them.

For catharsis more than anything else this person, Jessica, writes about the experience here on this blog. The best bit? The conversations that spring up with all the kind people who follow the story. It would be lovely if you too wanted to join in.




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