Pastel Splendor

A couple of posts ago I included a shot of one of my favourite peonies: Itoh ‘Pastel Splendor’.

I’d wanted an Itoh for a very long time but in the UK they don’t come cheap. They are intersectional hydrids, effectively a cross between a tree peony and a herbaceous. And then one day back in 2016 I happened upon one for what seemed like a reasonable price. Well, a reasonable price as far as Itohs go. So it would have been rude not to now wouldn’t it? Purchasing it was taking something of a risk as the peony was not in bloom at the time and all I had to go on was the picture on the label.

Imagine my surprise then when the plant flowered the following year. I’d been following the progress of the bud for weeks, inspecting it each and every day as it gently plumped out and finally burst into bloom. Beautiful yes. But, as you might also think looking at the photo on the header of this post, could it really be called pastel? Certainly it was nothing like the image on the plant tag. Had I been had? Always a worry when you pay less for something than you might expect. Even when it comes from a reputable source.

As it turned out, all I had to do was wait…


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The journey to pastel. It just got better and better. And then, a puff of a breeze and it was gone.

Until the next year.