Just Another Hole In The Wall


It seemed the path of least resistance in the end.

Dismantle the staircase or break through a wall? In the absence of even a sofa to sleep on right now taking out part of the staircase might prove a tad inconvenient. The emergency plumber traced the flow of water back to the rising main, to somewhere along its passage through the two-and-a-half foot thick exterior wall. Not the most straightforward of jobs by any measure but as it turned out it could have been much worse. The water main comes into the house through the boxed in void underneath the stairs but fortuitously right alongside a stud partition between the stairs and the downstairs loo, enabling us to take down a part of that wall to gain access to the pipe. Sounds so easy when you write it down.

Lucky we haven’t decorated in here now isn’t it. The tiles came off intact so they can go back in due course, until such time as the downstairs loo reaches the top of the queue and earns the dubious privilege of its own full-on renovation experience. It’s pipe central in here. It’ll be the third time that Mike has pulled off this trick. He’s getting quite the expert.



The rising main, as it passes through the house wall, has been replaced with new pipe.


A couple of weeks ago I had a run in with the builders. Not a serious one. And they don’t happen very often these days. Given the extended nature of projects chez duck we’ve all got to know each other very well. But I did have a bit of a moment after the taking of a hose into the sitting room to wash down the walls. Especially since the sitting room floor has barely dried out from the previous water leak back in May. An olive branch followed swiftly with the appearance of a couple of dehumidifiers. Maybe even that was an opportune event..

One of the units has been temporarily requisitioned for the greater good. The floor, in both the hall and the downstairs loo, was sodden.



Lucky we hadn’t decorated in here either.


With the plumber done and departed we stood surveying the scene in the hall. After which I left to go upstairs.

Mike had obviously watched me go: “That bottom step bends without the support of the riser. Can we try to keep our weight to the outside edge?”

I confirmed that I would try to remember. It was just before bedtime He Himself descended the staircase. CRRAAAACK!!! Smartly followed by an expletive.

“Mike, could we try and keep our weight to the outside edge of the step?”

A further expletive.

So glad it wasn’t me..