June Is Bloomin’ Lovely

Rose 'Fighting Temeraire'

Rose ‘Fighting Temeraire’, floating appropriately above the copper coloured grass Carex dipsacea ‘Dark Horse’


Did I say that May was my favourite month in the garden? I lied. It is June.

And June is indisputably rose month. I don’t know why it is but this year roses are doing fabulously for me. It’s not often I can say that. Did they, like so many other things it seems, need that hard winter to have a proper rest, a longer period of dormancy? Or have I just got a lot better at pruning them. I may need to crave your indulgence..


Rose 'Alpine Sunset'


Rose ‘Alpine Sunset’


Rose 'Desdemona'


Rose ‘Desdemona’

Spot the wandering aphid. No matter, Desdemona walks away with the prize for the most fragrant rose in the garden. And by some margin given that even I can pick up the scent from several feet away. Imagine the headiness of being close enough to take that picture. It may have taken a while. She is, after all, extremely photogenic. In possession of two shots I found it impossible to choose between she makes her mark on the header image too. I moved her a year or so back and she has rewarded me in the best way possible. Just look at all those buds.


Rose 'The Lark Ascending'


Rose ‘The Lark Ascending’

Moved into the spot previously occupied by Desdemona The Lark is healthy but all her shoots are elongated and leaning towards the light. I should have learnt my lesson. Location, location, location. The removals van has been rebooked for early next year. A sunnier spot methinks. She does deserve it. Most of the roses in the garden, this one included, came from David Austin. I don’t think they can be beaten. Those delicately incurved petals.. gorgeous.


Magnolia sieboldii


Magnolia sieboldii

My favourite magnolia is back and she too is having a bumper year. Last year I lost every single bloom to a killing frost in early May. It’s been worth the wait.


Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'


Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’


Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'


Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

We’ve planted a lavender hedge. Only a short one. It’s an experiment. Not an obvious choice for the damp Devon climate perhaps but it is in a sunny, well drained spot and even better it will screen the rather ugly base of the greenhouse pro tem. Of course, no sooner had I planted the lavender discussions turned to a relocation of the greenhouse. Do you get the impression that nothing stays still for long here? You’d be right. Never mind. I love that deep purple that is characteristic of ‘Hidcote’ and I’m quite sure she is still young and adventurous enough to relish a change of scene.


Primula chungensis


Primula chungensis

Moving into the woodland, a new addition last year. The presence of farina, the white waxy deposit, is notable on auriculas but before now I’d never noticed that it occurs more widely across the group.


Primula 'Inverewe'


Here too on Primula ‘Inverewe’

Saxifraga stolonifera

Saxifraga stolonifera

I’ve given away so much of this. In desperation (it pains me to trash any good plant material) I started dumping it instead in the woodland where it does rather well, a shining light in the shade.


Hieracium aurantiacum


Hieracium aurantiacum

And talking of spreaders.. the orange hawkweed has multiplied a dozen fold since last year. But what a colour for shade! Apparently it’s not the smartest move to let it run to seed. But with numerous 30 inch stems of these glow-in-the-dark blooms I reckon I can find a home for it in several places here. Feel free to remind me I said that.

Erodium 'Stephanie'

Erodium ‘Stephanie’






Cornus kousa 'Satomi'


Cornus kousa ‘Satomi’

And how could I let June go by without another shout for Cornus..


Cornus kousa 'Wieting's Select'


Cornus kousa ‘Wieting’s Select’

..A small tree that is smothered in blooms in summer, with fruits to follow and then staggering autumn colour. What’s not to love?


Iris 'Gerald Darby'


Iris ‘Gerald Darby’

This is the iris which emerges in Spring with purple tinted leaves. The blooms don’t disappoint either.


Itoh Peony 'Pastel Splendor'


Itoh Peony ‘Pastel Splendor’

.. showing the transition from the deep pink as the flowers open to the more delicate shades which presumably give it its name.


Peony 'Bowl of Beauty'


And herbaceous Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’


Well if you’ve stuck with me this far, how can I reward you?

Raindrops on roses? These were just a few of my favourite things.


Rose 'Hot Chocolate'


Rose ‘Hot Chocolate’


Rose 'Boscobel'


Rose ‘Boscobel’, snuggled up with Phormium ‘Pink Panther’


Have a very happy June!

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