If You Go Down To The Woods Today..


They’re back.



The scene changes by the second along with the light.

The best light for photographing bluebells is just before dusk. The colour is so much stronger then. It’s a fleeting moment. Shadows already deepening betwixt the trees. Something was down there with me. I could hear rustling and see movement amidst the leaf cover on the woodland floor.



English Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, cover the slope leading down to the river.



Trees have fallen since last year. It’s a relatively inaccessible part of the garden even without the excessive wet we’ve endured this last winter and spring. Quite the expedition. My wellies sank several inches into the mud. Lucky I replaced the leaky ones.



And now I’m in the doghouse for bringing back the tripod with dirty feet.



Worth it though.