Merry Christmas!

The birds have had a Christmas present.



We’d noticed that every time a new batch of mixed seed went out there was a feeding frenzy. But a selective feeding frenzy. Just like opening a tin of Quality Street really. Don’t those big purple ones always go first? For our feathered friends the same is true of the black sunflower seeds. Late comers would dive head first into the seed and rummage furiously, hurling the lesser favoured varieties hither and thither in the process.



And so, when Mike returned from shopping a couple of days ago he left a large bag of black sunflower seeds, and only black sunflower seeds, on top of the shoebox in the lobby. We’d open them on Christmas Day. But wouldn’t you know it. There was no way the birds were going to stand for that. Our mistake, perhaps, was in leaving the door to the lobby open. It is, after all, our main thoroughfare into and out of the house and between the two of us it’s in use most of the day.



By the time Mike returned to put the bag of seed away in the shed ‘someone’ had already pecked a hole in it.



With the element of surprise gone out of the window, or the lobby door even, there was nothing else for it but to put the seeds up for grabs.



Three in a beak is just plain greedy..



“Come on, get a move on. Can’t you see there’s a queue?”



No pressure..


Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Jessica x