New Adventures In Plumbing

We’re on tenterhooks at chez rusty duck this morning.

The bathroom project so eagerly anticipated a few posts back has come off the rails. Not permanently. I hope. But the train of events previously hurtling toward a future of cantilevered loos and sandblasted glass doors has encountered the wrong sort of leaves. Meaning that the signal is now firmly stuck on red.

How did this unfortunate situation arise I hear you ask? Well I will tell you. At Bathroom Planning Meeting #10 the question of our existing water supply came up. I know. And guess what. It fails to make the grade. The water is gravity fed. This is bad. Because even though gravity is a force to be reckoned with on the side of a 45° hill it is of no help whatsoever when your cold water tank resides a mere gnat’s whisker above the top of the bathroom ceiling. Falling some way short of producing the two bar pressure needed to induce the new power rainshower to splutter out as much as a dribble.

As luck would have it, and it doesn’t often happen this way, we’d already arranged to have a new heating system installed. The inherited boiler, above, belongs in a museum. To be fair to the old girl, she must have been knocking 30 years old when we took her on yet she has let us down not even once. I hope they still make them like that one. But would the replacement system we’d chosen solve the shower problem? No.

Cue Emergency Boiler Planning Meeting #2 at which it is decided that what we now need is a combination boiler. This is the sort that heats up the water on demand thus overcoming the other obstacle we’d faced, that of a minuscule hot water tank. In this brave new world there’ll be no need of a tank. Just as importantly it is now to be a pressurised system, ensuring that the inhabitants of chez rusty duck can shower safe in the knowledge that water will indeed flow. And that the second person to shower each morning will have just as much heat in her water as the first person had in his.

So that’s all hunky dory then isn’t it? Well.. hopefully. It does mean I lose my airing cupboard. No hot water tank also means no immersion heater. No back up hot water supply should anything go wrong with the boiler. And just what will happen when pressure is applied to an ancient plumbing network that is in places already creaking at the seams? No doubt we shall find out. Maybe even tomorrow.

Wish us luck..?