What Can I Say..?

..Firstly that I’ve been totally overwhelmed by your response to the previous post and deeply touched by all the thoughts contained in the comments and personal messages that I’ve received. It’s quite humbling to realise that rusty duck occupies a special place in so many more hearts than just mine. It was a tough enough decision before I read your comments. But now.. If you’ll forgive me, rather than respond to each comment individually as I normally would I’ll pick up the main points here.

Yes I can try out a schedule with fewer posts. What I propose then is to post when there is something significant to say rather than be tied to the ritual of memes and my previous self imposed target of two posts a week (epic fail!). There will still be blooms, of course there will, just maybe not on Bloom Day. The End of Month View was mentioned a couple of times so I’ll aim to include some of those. Can we see how that goes?

I will need to keep the social networks going as many people access the blog from there. But I probably don’t need five. As the rain has been pouring down this morning, making gardening impossible, I’ve been researching tools. Not the sort that overflow from Mike’s toy box with an increasing array of unfailingly irritating noise. No, internet tools. The sort that are supposed to streamline one’s online life. There are a couple, Buffer and Hootsuite, which allegedly help with posting to social media including Instagram. For anyone with the same problem as me this is how it works. Both of these (free) applications allow us to compose an Instagram post on a desktop computer, lifting the photo direct from the hard drive which is where all mine are saved from the camera. Once you’ve finished composing the post the whole thing is sent to your phone or tablet, by wire in my case but no doubt bluetooth works just as well. From the phone or tablet post straight to Instagram with little additional work. A workaround maybe, but slightly less of a faff.

At the last count there were 765 unread posts on my Feedly reader. Eeep. I’ll draw a line under these if I may and start again. I’ll continue to keep up with your posts as much as I can, I do enjoy them. But please bear with me, especially in the short term, it may still take a while to catch up.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a chap coming round to see about ripping out the bathroom and I have much research still to do on pop-up wastes. Until next time.. And thank you. Jessica x