The Hardest Post To Write

rusty duck is rapidly approaching five years old and I’m coming round to thinking that’s enough.

It isn’t just the preparation of the posts although heaven knows that is time consuming in itself. As anyone who blogs knows, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Blogging at a personal level is a communal thing and what you get out of it depends absolutely on how much you put in. It’s been a hugely fun thing to do. Many of my most treasured garden acquisitions are here because I saw them on someone’s blog. And as many of you are far more accomplished gardeners than me blogging has most definitely raised my game. Even more of you have become friends, be it in real life or virtual.

The trouble is the time I can give to it is getting squeezed. It’s a struggle to keep up with all of your posts. Facebook have taken to enquiring after my welfare, I haven’t been there for so long. I can’t remember the last time I logged into Twitter. In recent weeks I’ve dabbled with Instagram but it’s not for me. Transferring pictures from my camera onto a tablet just to post them is a faff too far. And anyway, writing is my passion. It’s difficult to construct a story using picture captions alone.

Reluctantly then I’ve reached the conclusion that maintaining the blog at its current level has become unsustainable. It would be awful to see rusty duck wither on the vine for my lack of attention, not after all the work that has gone in to building it up. Better to quit while you’re ahead? I can’t go without expressing my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read, commented, followed or shared here. It’s going to feel so strange not doing it anymore.


Take care, Jessica x