It’s Bloomin’ April

The only two surviving tulips in the garden. It will come as no surprise to the seasoned gardener that the bulbs were free, a loyalty hand out from the local garden centre. You can imagine what happened to all the ones I’ve exchanged hard earned cash for.

Bloom Day. I swear the months are getting shorter. And almost a third of the year gone by already. Just how does that happen then?



There is no doubt the season is progressing, even while the late winter bloomers are still going strong. One of my favourite combos on the bank: Hellebores ‘Penny’s Pink’ & ‘Cinderella’ and pulmonaria. Poor Penny is screaming for a knight in shining armour, being in imminent danger of a throttling from Libertia grandiflora. The latter will be coming out to give the hellebore more room.


Lamium orvala


Lamium orvala

Who knew nettles could be so cool? It’s not an invasive one either.


Epimedium x versicolour 'Sulphurium'


Epimedium x versicolour ‘Sulphurium’

The epimediums have almost been and gone, the blooms gradually being overtaken now by the rapidly growing leaves.


Epimedium x warleyense


Epimedium x warleyense

I don’t think I’ve ever had an epimedium with the depth of colour of this one. The back of the petals is scarlet red. It’s possibly the loveliest I’ve ever seen.






Geum 'Flames of Passion'


Geum ‘Flames of Passion’

As a sure sign that Spring is finally here, the geums have just started to emerge this week. It’s heartening to see that last year’s divisions have got off to a good start, I’d like to have great drifts of these.


Geum 'Cotton Candy'


Geum ‘Cotton Candy’. Up periscope.


Geum 'Totally Tangerine'


Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’


Meconopsis cambrica


Meconopsis cambrica, springing up everywhere of their own accord.

The californian poppies of the previous two years have sadly not returned, they don’t seem to self seed in our heavy clay soil. That doesn’t appear to worry the native Welsh poppy (above) so I shall aim to enhance the random effect by deliberately scattering the seed across the face of the bank. Seed is something it produces in abundance once it gets going.


There now follows a Public Health Warning..

Retina burning risk level high. Sunglasses advised.



Azalea, inherited.

Ouch. Stay or go. Which way would you vote?


Camellia japonica 'Adeyaka'


Camellia japonica ‘Adeyaka’

And if I then told you that this beauty sits right alongside the azalea.. would you change your vote? Yes I put it there. Proving beyond reasonable doubt that the gardener is entirely competent. Not.


Camassia leichtlinii


Camassia leichtlinii

Just a single, rather lonely, spike of camassia this year. I moved the bulbs and in doing so obviously alerted the voles to their presence. I suppose I should be grateful they left me one.


Anemone nemorosa 'Robinsoniana'


Anemone nemorosa ‘Robinsoniana’


And finally..



Itoh Peony ‘Pastel Splendor’

I know it’s not a bloom. At least not yet. But in some circumstances special allowances can be made. And if any critter thinks for just one nanosecond that bud is dinner they had better think again. Revenge will be short, swift and proportionate. That critter will be going in a pie.

Itoh watch has officially begun. Wish me luck.


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