Well the time has come to explain myself, has it not. The shameful neglect of this ‘ere blog and of you too, dear reader.

In many respects not much changed whilst I was away:



A spot of garden visiting..



..in pursuit of the odd beautiful bloom.



There was rain (of course there was)..



but not enough to spoil a walk in the woods..



an occasional stroll on the beach..



or even a quiet afternoon drive..






Yes, there was certainly adventure..



and some burning of the midnight oil



Quite enough to wear a person out



Streuth mate, there were even critters helping themselves to the garden



Eat local, got to be done.



And there’s always room for a glass of something. Or should that be two?


As clues go it wasn’t much of a challenge was it.

So will you join me over the next few posts as we explore.. Australia? There might just be a tale to tell…


pin it?