A Short Break

The ducks, tucked up for winter


Many thanks for all of your comments on the previous post, it’s great to know that the subscriber emails made it through. Fingers crossed that whatever problem existed has now been resolved. It was wonderful to hear from so many readers for the first time, lovely to meet you all and a warm welcome on board!

Things are getting a tad hectic chez rusty duck. I’ve a deadline to get the bedroom (plus collateral damage) into some sort of order in time to draw breath before You Know What at the end of the year. Festive displays everywhere I go and the sudden deluge of ‘Get Your Gifts Here’ emails serve to remind that I’m rapidly running out of time. A pleasant day outside in the garden photographing for Bloom Day? Nope. On my hands and knees scrubbing the floorboards in preparation for liming. I’ve started using the liming wax now. And Mike has been retouching the emulsion paint on the kitchen walls. Between us the place smells like a chemical factory. Hey Ho.

There’ll be a short blogging intermission while we set to and get everything done. Back soon, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Damn it, those squirrels get everywhere.


J x