Watching Plaster Dry


Meet Clooney.

He wasn’t expensive. I just saw him in a seaside gift shop window and he made me smile. He will have pride of place in the bedroom when it’s finally done.


Bedroom 032 Wm


Previously, on rusty duck




The plasterers have finished their work, to exactly the timetable they’d been aiming for, leaving us with skimmed walls and a consistent surface throughout. The room feels so much bigger and brighter already. It’s now just a case of waiting for the plaster to fully dry out and when it does the lid will be coming off the paint tin faster than you can say “Was it really that dark on the colour chart?”

But watching and waiting doesn’t have to be a passive thing. Ooooh no, plenty more work needed to be done.




The fireplace has received its re-pointing and been fitted with a nice bit of slate in the hearth.

Yes, it’s level. It’s the floor that slopes. The precise positioning of the slate provided the subject of considerable debate. After an evening of much pacing and agonising we agreed on two things. That another glass of Pinot might possibly be in order and that we should sleep on it.Β  Not the hearth obviously, but the inherent dilemma. In the end I was persuaded that the slab should be level even if it does look all wrong. The builders’ suggestion that any object placed upon it might otherwise take to sliding downhill did, in the end, prove compelling.


Bedroom 007 Wm


But haven’t we come a long way?




Mike, for his part, has been replacing floorboards.

Sometime in recent history part of the floor was altered. It wasn’t the greatest job. The boards were covered in thick carpet back then so little time had been spent on achieving a quality finish. Once again we set off around the reclamation yards and by pure luck found some floorboards that had arrived in stock that very same day. They’d come off the delivery truck still peppered with the nails that had originally held them down. The owner of the yard taught Mike how to ‘de-nail’ the professional way, with minimal damage to the top surface of the board, and between them they dealt with something like 14 separate boards. As it turned out they were perfect. An almost exact match for those already on the floor.




Enter the ‘lawnmower’, the floor sander, to remove the old blue paint and restore the floor back to the original wood.

You know me, I’d have been in there for an action shot given half a chance. But sadly cameras don’t take kindly to that sort of dust, photographic opportunities strictly verboten until the job was done. The plan is to lime the floor then treat with a clear matt wax, to get the aged effect we achieved in the study.




The little doorway through into the bathroom beyond has been stripped of its thick cream paint.


Bedroom 016 Wm


A few short weeks ago




How many different off-whites can there be? Three more match pots to go..




pin it?