Have Blog Can Travel

Well it’s been a rollercoaster week for the blog.

Over the last couple of years or so there have been intermittent technical issues with rusty duck. Now I’m no techy. Nope, probably as far from technically competent as it’s possible to get. This means that I’m heavily dependent on support from the site host and there have been times lately when this has badly fallen down. The other issue that’s been frustrating me, and you as well I know, has been the speed of the site.

In an effort to improve all of these issues, this week rusty duck has moved to a new site host.

The migration itself went smoothly enough (too smoothly?). Enough for me to pour a glass of wine and wonder why I didn’t do it years ago. But then came propagation. And before you go hunting for a knife to seek out those basal shoots and root cuttings, no, not that sort of propagation. If only. The instruction at the end of the migration video made it almost a throw away line: “And now all you have to do is just update your DNS.” Note that word: just. Turns out this requires a PhD in itself and many many fraught telephone calls, emails and internet ‘chat’. Where did I leave that wine bottle? The theory is straightforward. Updating the DNS is basically just sending a change of address card to let the internet know that when a dearly cherished reader puts rustyduck.net into their browser they get directed to a new server. But Simples? No.

And when you’ve finally mastered all the ins and outs.. does it just happen then? No. It took over 24 hours. The message has to ‘propagate’ itself all over the world and in the meantime the location of your site is hopping back and forward between servers like a kangaroo on coke.

Never mind. We’re there now, I hope, and all is well. Unless you’re fond of a bit of Pinot Grigio in which case I must sadly inform you that national stocks are running low.


What you need to know:




It’s improved. By quite some margin. Maybe not the first time you load the site but for second and subsequent visits it should now be noticeably different.


Security Warnings


My apologies if you’ve received a message over the last couple of days suggesting that the site is insecure. It isn’t. I just (that word again) needed to get a new security certificate set up for the new site location. Now this is done it should all be working fine.


Subscriber Notifications


This is an entirely separate issue from site hosting but it’s also been a problem of late. The bit of software that does it has a bug and for the last few posts the notifications have not been sent out.

For those of you who subscribe by email it’s easy, I’ve downloaded a list of the addresses from WordPress and have been sending out manual notifications.

For those who subscribe via a WordPress account it’s less straightforward. There is no downloadable email list so I’ve now had to construct one, with addresses gleaned from comments, blogs, gravatars, wherever I could easily find them. Subscribers are precious to me and I don’t want you to miss any more posts. The first manual notification will go out later on today. For some of you I haven’t been able to find an email address. If you visit the blog and feel you have been missed please send me a message via the ‘Contact’ Tab above, including your email address. It’s a private message service and no information you send will be published on the blog but it will enable me to add your address to the distribution list.

If you would like to be notified when each new rusty duck post appears why not subscribe? It’s still the best way. I’ve been in contact with the software developer and know they’re working on a fix. Normal service will shortly be resumed.




As a result of the site migration the rusty duck email address has been lost, possibly permanently. If you were using it before it now won’t work but you can still get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab above.


Phew. Any further issues do please let me know.

Is it wine time yet? Have a very lovely weekend.