The Toot Toot Bird

Something odd has turned up in the woodland and it’s been driving me mad.

The Toot Toot bird. I can’t recall ever hearing it before. We’ve been through just about every likely bird call on the RSPB website and I’m blowed if I can find it. A recording of it then, how hard can that be? Excruciatingly hard as it turns out. Every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I go outside with the iPad the wretched bird stops calling. Instantly. Like switching off a light. And it’s been going on for weeks. He’s been sitting in that tree taunting me, I know it.

Yesterday he was going for it both barrels. My moment had surely come. Racing down the stairs I could still hear his call. TOOT TOOT.. Down through the hall and into the kitchen.. TOOT TOOT. Out through the back door and…. silence. Well, no way was he getting away with it this time. I would wait. And wait. Mike joined in. Considerately, he brought coffee. And an ice cream. We waited. For over half an hour. Nothing.

Don’t you just know what’s going to happen the moment I step back inside?


It’s a lousy recording. I took it through an open window, hidden from view. I’m wondering if I need a camouflage cover for the iPad. There’s a lot of background noise and you’ll probably need to adjust your set. But he’s there..


Come on all you birders, put me out of my misery please. Is it something dead common that I’ve just never encountered before? Or what?

If you’re on a slow connection there may be a delay while the audio file loads.