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Sanguisorba officinalis 001 Wm


Sanguisorba officinalis


Good grief, where has two weeks gone? I can’t believe it’s that long since I last posted but WordPress doesn’t normally lie. I wish I could tell you that we’ve been soaking up the sun on some exotic beach but that would just be wishful thinking. Nope, it’s been nose to the grindstone as usual. Or at least hands upon the garden fork. Not without some progress though..


The bank 066 Wm


Early August


The bank 067 Wm


End August


The job is getting harder. This piece of land is triangular in shape. Each new strip that I clear is getting longer. Worse still, and this took less time to cotton on, the bank is getting steeper.


The bank 068 Wm


We could hire it out for skiing if the weather gets that cold


Stinging nettles and thistles (vicious but relatively shallow rooted) have given way to brambles. Devon brambles come fully signed up to a ‘No Prisoner’ policy and that doesn’t just apply to my arms.


Miscanthus sinensis 'Ferner Osten' 002 Wm


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Ferner Osten’: ‘a broad, upright, graceful, ornamental silver grass with mounds of narrow foliage turning bright copper and red in autumn. Forms spectacular dark red and pink plumes in August.’ Ummm..

It was barely an inch high when I spotted it beneath all those thorny unforgiving stems but given light and an irrigation drip head it has quadrupled in size already and gained an additional shoot. Maybe next year?


Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' 014 Wm


Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’

My poor Acer on the other hand appears to be in shock. Clearly it has decided to ditch its leaves early.


Pittosporum 001 Wm



Decision time long since passed and lower leaves had already been shed. Yes, it did have an upper half but a pyramid of growth perched atop metre high naked stems lacks a certain cachet when you’re a bushy shrub. Thus it has found itself in receipt of a renovation prune. It works with most things. Pittosporum? Time will tell.


Anemone japonica 'Little Princess' 001 Wm


Anemone japonica ‘Little Princess’


But it’s not all doom and gloom.

There was a Plant Fair at Rosemoor this past weekend. Perfect timing. Just a minor little hiccup in that they’re rebuilding the venue in which such events are traditionally held and the new marquee is further away from the plant crèche facilities (aka Mike/restaurant/cappuccino/Sunday Papers). Whilst he may put up token resistance the Better Half loves these Fairs really. All household responsibilities cast aside in exchange for a relaxing hour (or so) standing (sitting) guard over a few well behaved plants. And possibly the provision of porterage services if yours truly should purchase more plants overall than she can realistically carry back to the car. (If?)


Rudbeckia 'Summerina Brown' 001 Wm


Rudbeckia ‘Summerina Brown’

Lovely isn’t it? And it wasn’t just me who thought so. I had placed it for safe keeping on a chair at Mike’s table. No sooner had I departed for a second dip into the sale marquee, a clearly discerning horti type (well it was the Royal Horticultural Society after all) approached Mike and asked him what the plant was. Which of course presented something of a dilemma. There was much furtive feeling around inside the bag to see if there might be a label.. and thankfully there was.


Persicaria virginiana 'Painter's Palette' 001 Wm


Persicaria virginiana ‘Painter’s Palette’

A perfect companion to the Rudbeckia


The bank 062 Wm


Early August


The bank 069 Wm


End August


There’s only one thing for it then.

Onwards. Upwards. To the tree, to the tree.. and even more thorns in my fingers.