Bedroom 020 Wm

There’s a paint chart on my desk.

I was thinking of ‘Marbles’. It’s a sort of creamy off white. With grey undertones.


Bedroom 014 Wm


The trouble is perusal of said paint chart may be a tad premature.


Bedroom 018 Wm


The plasterers are in..


Bedroom 017 Wm


They seem to know what they’re doing and I’m so glad we found them.


Bedroom 019 Wm


What they say does make perfect sense.

There is no point applying new plaster on top of the old where the old is no longer sound. That went for some of the ceiling laths too.


Bedroom 015 Wm


‘Twas simple then..


Bedroom 016 Wm


All the old loose stuff would just have to come off.


Bedroom 022 Wm


If anyone finds my marbles could they return them please?