Pigeon 001 Wm

Mike has reseeded the area of new lawn reclaimed from the rhododendrons.


Pheasant 016 Wm




Fallen tree 002 Wm


I’d just sat down one evening last weekend when there was an enormous CRAAAAKK! accompanied by a tirade of squawking. Quite strange really because there’d barely been a breath of wind. I can only assume that the weight of recent rain proved the last straw on a tree pummeled throughout winter.


Fallen tree 001 Wm


Closer inspection revealed it was not the healthiest. Although returning to leaf the tree also bears a lot of dead wood. I’d spent a restless night wondering if Ptolemy pheasant had escaped unscathed. He does like to roost in trees down by the river. Thankfully the next day he was back for his breakfast of grass seed, a relief shared somewhat grudgingly in certain quarters.


Mrs W feeding Wm


The woodpeckers appear to be nesting again. Mrs W, a photo from a couple of years back, and her mate have resumed the constant relay to and from the bird feeders. They missed out last year. Wishing them better luck this time around. How marvellous it would be to enjoy sights like these again..


Woodpecker and chick


Woodpecker 015 Wm


For the benefit of the birds and all other wildlife I have managed to persuade Mike to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to weed control. As ever, a trip to the toy shop did it..


Flame Gun 003 Wm


Mike’s new flame gun.

What is it about boys and fire? He’s very fond of his bonfires too.


Flame Gun 005 Wm


Scorched Earth

The recommendation is to repeat after three days to get any remaining growth and seeds. Our experience suggests it will need still more after that. The weeds are returning although nowhere near as thickly. We shall persevere.


And finally. Summer is just around the corner. Frosty nights are hopefully at an end. The time is right..


The ducks return 002 Wm


Peering over a low spot in a hedge that wasn’t there when they retired for the winter.


Have a very lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


In Other News..

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