Squirrel 025 Wm


“Hey, Human…”


Squirrel 024 Wm


“What did you do with the bird feeder?”

Me: “It’s gone.”


Squirrel 019 Wm


“Gone? What do you mean, gone??? I’m hungry!”

Me: “You spoilt it for the birds and you spoilt it for me. It’s gone.”


Squirrel 026 Wm


“Arghh Humans! Always over-reacting.”


Squirrel 023 Wm


“Put it back.”



Squirrel 021 Wm


“OK, I’ll ask nicely.” (And deploy my cutest, hurt and most regretful face..)



Squirrel 016 Wm


“Right then, I’m coming in. I’ll chew through this window. You see if I don’t..”

“Sorry. Double glazing you see. Virtually impregnable.”


Squirrel 017 Wm


“So I’ll just stare you out. I can keep it up you know, until you put that feeder back”


Squirrel 020 Wm


“I can do it. See? SEE? Persistent is my middle name. I NEVER give up.”


Paper in window 001 Wm


Squirrel 018b Wm


I May Have Made An Enemy

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