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Remember back in January I fixed a feeder to my study window?

A Great Tit was first on the scene but as the weeks went by more and more birds could be found feasting on the seed.


Coal Tit 003 Wm


Coal Tit


I’ve so enjoyed having the birds this close. My desk chair is literally a couple of feet inside the window, a lovely opportunity to study them in detail. I’ve even been mooned. Extricating seed from underneath the bar seems to necessitate having your tail end pressed hard up against the perspex at the back of the box. So cute.


Blue Tit 005 Wm


Blue Tit


I didn’t realise until looking at the photos what a mess they’ve made of the feeder. Mucky little pups. Although some of it may have come from the weather. Judging by the window and the roof of the box it seems the recent rain has been pretty mucky too. It has been coming from the south east now I think about it, carrying sand straight off the Sahara?

Some birds opt for a take away service. Such customers will zoom in, grab a seed and make off with it post haste to the nearest tree. Others, the tits especially, prefer to eat on the premises. Which means, of course, that there are always second helpings close at hand. The tits hold the seeds between their toes and smash them to bits against the black plastic of the perch. When they really go to town it can get quite noisy, enough for Mike to hear in the next room. More than once I’ve had to ask them to “Shuush”.


Nuthatch 006 Wm




As you can see, we’re using mixed seed. The birds treat it like a Quality Street tin. They watch as we refill it and there’s an almost immmediate rush. The ‘Purple Ones’ and Caramel Cups disappear in an instant. Montelimars are thrown unceremoniously out of the box..


Robin 023 Wm



..though there’s always someone willing to pick them up


Nuthatch 007 Wm


Excitement runs at fever pitch until only the Strawberry Delights and Orange Creme remain. I’ve seen a queue, orderly (mostly), three birds deep.


But you know how it’s all going to end don’t you. Some even predicted it. I admit to having been sceptical. It is a first floor window after all..


Squirrel 012 Wm


Squirrel 013 Wm


Squirrel 014 Wm


Squirrel 015 Wm




It Had All Been Going So Well..

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