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Well, I’ve started.


It’s wet. Very wet. The board and kneeler help to spread my weight, reducing compaction of the soil. They may also go some way to prevent the gardener herself from slithering down the slope and over the edge of the bank. Or falling flat on her backside in an undignified heap. Perish the thought.


The bank 044 Wm[1]




The bank 049 Wm[3]




We began by trying to remove the worst of last year’s perennial detritus but it is so boggy here I had to give up. During torrential rain such as we’ve had recently water runs in rivulets down the drive and then seeps into the bank at about this point. I’m also mindful that there are new shoots just under the soil and unfortunately I can’t be sure yet where they all are.


Helenium 003 Wm[1]




The bank 052 Wm[1]


So I’ve resorted instead to inching my way along with a hand fork. It’s progress, if slow, with much less chance of stepping on something crucial or pulling up that forgotten but nonetheless expensive purchase with the long latin name.

This weekend the weather was so glorious it’s been a pleasure to be out. Ptolemy pheasant kept an eye on proceedings from his vantage point on the drive and the robins did their best to provide musical distraction from the surrounding trees. The most tedious task is proving to be the removal of wild grasses that have seeded. The offending weedlings are visible just beyond the trug, doing their best to fly under the radar by masquerading as a lawn.


Camellia 013 Wm[1]


The camellia (inherited, variety unknown) is in full flow. Some of the blooms have been damaged by recent frosts but there are plenty more buds to come.


Pulmonaria 007 Wm[1]




Whilst teetering around out there on the edge of the abyss, I tried to get a couple more shots to demonstrate just how steep the bank really is..


The bank 050 Wm[3]


Those are first floor windows and I’m standing at a level above the lower edge of the roof.


The bank 051 Wm[1]


It’s a long way down!


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