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What with one thing and another I’ve been slow off the mark with seeds this year. The catalogues have been sat on my desk for many a week but still no order has been entered upon the screen.

Yesterday morning dawned fair (nothing wet fell from the sky), the birds were fully engaged in song and all of a sudden I was in the mood for sowing. You know how these things go. Once you’ve decided to tackle that pressing job doesn’t it always just have to be NOW? So given the clement nature of the day why not take a drive up to Rosemoor? More petrol, yes, but surely to be offset by the online delivery charge we’d save.

The trouble with Rosemoor is that it doesn’t stop at seeds. And there was a blackbird singing there too. There’s something about that song that could be enough to drive the early Spring gardener into a planting frenzy. Honestly, garden centre managers should be playing recordings, if they’re not fortunate enough to enjoy the services of a real live bird.

I thought, in the circumstances, I was really rather restrained. But they did have snowdrops including Galanthus nivalis ‘Viridapice’ and I’ve been hankering after that one for a while. It has gorgeous green markings on the outer petals. And then ‘Lady Elphinstone’, now she has a bit of class. Oh dear. How could I have left her behind bearing a flash of white in that burgeoning bud?

When we reached the checkout Mike’s jaw hit the floor.

“There you are, I got all our seed packets bar one and saved on the delivery..”

“Saved on the delivery? If you’d ordered online would there have been snowdrops?”

“One new ‘Special’ every winter. That was the plan. And I missed it last year.”

“So what about the seeds they didn’t have?”

“Umm.. order them online..?”


Such a cute box that Rosemoor used to pack my purchases in, don’t you think?