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And still it goes on..


Gardening is impossible here at the moment. How I wish I could get outside. But when I’ve tried to put my welly boot on any piece of ground it just sinks three or four inches and the hole fills up with water. Cabin fever has got me in its grip .

Moss 002 Wm[3]

Watching sentinel..


A couple of posts back, Frances drew my attention to the moss on the trunks of the trees. I suppose because it is here all the time, even through most summers, I don’t notice it anymore.


Fern 010 Wm[1]


The lushness of green in this shot could be straight out of summer. The quality of the light in the background gives the clue. Fleeting rays of sunshine penetrate right through to the woodland floor. The trees are bare. These ferns though are growing straight off a branch perhaps 20 feet up in the air.


River 012 Wm[1]


The river. Brown and running at full pelt.

The bottom of the valley is many feet below the house and the water level drops again as rapidly as it rises.

This time last year the view was hidden by dense hedges and trees. Yet this morning I was watching three deer down there. Mama, Papa and Baby Deer. What a reward for clearing it all out.


River 013 Wm[1]


Someone will need to wade out when the water level recedes and remove all the fallen branches.


Storm Damage 009 Wm[1]


The chainsaw will be called into action here too.

One falling tree has put paid to five. For the height of these trees, I believe this one was an ash, the rootball is tiny and shallow. It’s hardly any wonder that storms bring them down, especially when the ground is as sodden as it is right now.


And this morning we’re in the grips of Storm Imogen. Promised 70 mile an hour winds at lunchtime. The lights are already flickering.

I’d better push the publish button in case we lose the power..


Wet Wet Wet

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