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The humble onion


We have a glut.

But, I hear you ask, isn’t it an odd time of year to be harvesting onions? You’d be right. And, hold on a minute, when did Jessica ever mention the growing of onions at all? Right again. I’ve considered trying the red ones.. they add a nice bit of crunch to a salad. Good for you too. But I’m told they’re tricky. And the white ones really aren’t worth the bother because we use so very few. So how is it then that we seem to have acquired as many oignons (blancs) as a Frenchman on a bike? Well dear reader, I will tell you. Mike has taken over the internet grocery shopping.

 Our preferred grocery provider is a past master at the laying of a trap and there are countless examples littering their system. The most obvious (to some) is the default unit of measurement for loose fruit and vegetables: 1kg. One has to remember to alter the drop down box to the simple unit of ‘1’, should a single item be all that is required. Now I’m quite sure this point was adequately covered in user training but something does appear to have slipped through the net.

Mike has adopted his new task with enthusiasm. He already has forward orders placed through until April.

Wish me luck..?