Filled feeder Wm

I haven’t been totally without distraction whilst chained to my desk.

A few years back we bought one of those bird feeders that can be stuck to glass. It was originally intended for my mother’s room at her nursing home, so that she could watch the birds in close proximity without getting up from her chair. Unfortunately when we came to fit the feeder a safety catch prevented the window from opening far enough to get the box through. The plan had to be abandoned and the feeder found its way on to our kitchen window instead.

All went well for a couple of days. A robin found the box and I enjoyed watching his antics whilst I was cooking a meal.

But then it had to happen didn’t it..


Squirrel by feeder Wm


Yes, I can see you..


Window feeder Wm


With the inevitable result


Anyhow, Mike has now repaired it and we’ve put it somewhere I’m pretty sure Mr Nutkins can’t possibly reach..


Bird Feeder 006 Wm[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent= first floor study window


Great Tit 005 Wm[1]


These must be the most laid back shots I’ve ever taken.

Camera on tripod with the cable shutter release placed next to my keyboard.


Great Tit 006 Wm[1]


Whenever there was rustling from the box I just moved my hand ever so slightly and pressed the release..


Great Tit 007 Wm[1]




A quick reminder to register for the Great British Birdwatch. It’s this weekend!


Watch The Birdie

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