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So. December was the wettest in the UK for more than a century.

There’s a surprise. And, so far, this year hasn’t seen much change. It’s tipping it down yet again as I write. But there is only so much time stuck indoors that one can stand so yesterday we decided to brazen it out.


Dartmoor 028 Wm[3]


Wheal Betsy

A former tin mine, the last standing engine house on Dartmoor.


It’s fair to say that with the wind hurling sheets of rain through the valleys, and in spite of my best intentions, most of the photographs were taken from inside the car. It was that miserable heavy drizzle which soaks you through in seconds.


Dartmoor 035 Wm[3]




Dartmoor 036 Wm[3]


Bleaker still..


Sheep 008 Wm[3]


The technicolour, if rather soggy, dream coat

Dartmoor 029 Wm[7]

White water at Dartmeet


In the centre of the moor we found a beautiful old stone pub with a cosy bar.. and just managed to bag the last free table. The first working Monday after the New Year I had expected everywhere to be deserted. Not a bit of it.


Dartmoor 033 Wm[3]


Dartmoor Ponies 004 Wm[3]


“Oy, that’s my patch..”


Dartmoor 034 Wm[3]


Dartmoor 031 Wm[3]


Wild gorse in bloom already all over the moor


Dartmoor 030 Wm[3]


Next time I reckon, a walk up there.


Geese 005 Wm[3]




Geese 006 Wm[3]


“Hey mate, she’s got a camera.. “


Geese 007 Wm[3]


“She’ll be wanting to see my fine chest then..”


Geese 008 Wm[3]


“No chance. Mine, mine, MINE.”


Geese 009 Wm[3]


Now that’s better.


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