Was this going to be the year

the wildlife gave me a break?


"It's OK dear, go on and finish your lunch

I'll keep watch."

The Pheasant Defence

System - redeployed

Maybe I can't defeat them

But there can be surveillance..

After a period of 'running in'..

Even the most unlikely of

characters got caught out

Of course I do still have

my ultimate secret weapon..

You forgot didn't you

I didn't..

I even remembered to put fresh batteries in it..

Then there was the day when

someone's foot appeared through the ceiling

The very same someone who

then turned up with this.


We stargazed without the

benefit of a BBC budget

And then in September things

took an ominous turn..

with an eyewatering climb

to the very top of the roof

Just don't look down

So what I'm thinking for next year..

is maybe just a little more R&R?


And you on the right..

Better quit bombing my lunch!



It used to be the strapline of the blog. Maybe it did get lost somewhere along the way, but it’s no less relevant today:

You have to laugh. Or else you’d cry.