The study, New Year's Day

The floor needed total restoration

How do you fix anything to a wall

made of mud and straw?

The Devon Peg

Can't find the right door?

Make one..?

Ta Daa!!! Done.


A brand new chimney

And no sooner had the scaffolding gone..

..the thatchers moved in

The beginning of the end for

the hedge around the lawn

Coming down..

...revealing a whole new vista

Now you see it...

Now you don't

The shade from the 80' spruce

was damaging the roof

The final frontier..

Just as the season draws to a close

The opening up of the lawn is complete



It’s strange. Looking back over the posts for the year, WordPress tells me that 5 of the top 6 (in terms of total hits) were not gardening posts at all. They were all about the house renovation. There’s more in the pipeline on both fronts, but keeping up with this year’s pace may be an entirely different matter..