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Well that was a couple of days off my life, possibly more, that I’ll never get back.

My sincere apologies if you’ve been trying to read a post over the weekend and encountered an error code or a whole load of gobbledegook. Long story short.. a ‘routine’ WordPress update on Friday morning crashed my whole site. The learning points from this are many and varied but principally:


1. Never again do any sort of work, however simple it may at first appear, having recently published a post. It has the potential to annoy the maximum possible number of people. And..

2. Temporarily deactivate anything over and above a standard WordPress installation before performing an update. Everything, not least the blog owner, stands to run a whole load more smoothly.




I did say, didn’t I, that viewing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed. How true that turned out to be. If you missed the last post click on ‘previous’ at the top of this page or, even quicker, just click HERE.


Aurora Borealis 11.15 019 Wm


My apologies once again.