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Apologies for posts being a little thin on the ground this last week or so. For once I’ve got a half decent excuse.. we’ve been away. It maybe isn’t the safest time to be travelling at the moment and the events in Paris and Sinai were never far from my mind. But there hasn’t been a holiday for almost six years and in Certain Quarters it was felt this is far too long.

Regular readers will know of my hatred of winter and of being cold. Of the endless greyness that is November. Of the shortening of the days and the long dark nights. When it came to the debate about possible locations for our time away my vote went firmly for somewhere sunny and warm. In fact I distinctly recall making reference to the Caribbean. Quite possibly more than once..


Norway T04 Wm[1]


Ice, hanging from a rock by the side of the open road..


Norway T01 Wm[1]


.. a road not far from the local airport as it happens

Approaching sunset, the shot taken just before 12.00 noon.


Norway T06 Wm[1]


Racks for the traditional drying of fish

Not a palm tree in sight. Which isn’t that surprising really..


Norway T02 Wm[5]


For this is about as far north as one can get within the extended European Union..


Norway T07 Wm[1]


The far north of Norway.

450 km INSIDE the Arctic Circle.


And you know what? It was good. Very good. There are more tales to tell. Just as soon as extremities have properly thawed out. Once the thermal smalls have been laundered. And photographs fully sorted.