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If you’ve been following our efforts since the start of the year (here) you’ll remember that we’ve been gradually trying to open up the view from the lawn. Surrounded by tall trees and hedges it felt oppressive to say the least, not to mention the impact all that greenery was having on light levels inside the house.

By September just this single hedge remained, left in place until we could be sure the birds had finished nesting.


Lawn Edging 003 Wm[1]


The lofty perch atop the builders’ scaffolding provides a different angle as work progressed

Mike used a brush cutter to clear the ground immediately below the drive and give us access to the large sycamore tree just at left of shot. Using its trunk as an anchor we could then winch out each of the philadelphus shrubs forming the hedge.


Lawn Edging 004 Wm[1]


Déjà vu: a new ‘heap’ marks the spot at the end of the drive..


Lawn Edging 004a Wm[2]


Unbelievably all of this went up in flames in a single day, far too much of it to cart off down the dump.


Lawn Edging 005 Wm[3]


The last photo before the scaffolding came down. Most of the hedge now removed.


Lawn Edging 002 Wm[2]




Lawn Edging 006 Wm[1]




From a solid green blob of a hedge to the beginnings of a vista deep into the woodland. The river meanders around those two conifers dead centre. The trees remain for now, although I have to say the jury is out. Maybe see how we feel about them come Spring.


Lawn Edging 007 Wm[1]


Looking up river from what used to be the hedge


Hedge Clearing 003 Wm[1]




Lawn Edging 008 Wm[1]




After a bit more levelling I plan to plant a lonicera hedge to make a new curved boundary to the lawn, 12-18″ in height. Thankfully, it being winter, they’ll be no wild parties in the meantime. With risk of guests tumbling off the edge. As if.

It’s coming on.

The Final Frontier