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A short and sweet Bloomers this month. Very sweet indeed if you happen to be standing anywhere near the ginger lily above. The fragrance is just incredible. We’ve had an extraordinarily busy couple of weeks, progressing on three fronts simultaneously and, I fear, there’s been something of a catastrophe. But more on that later.


Terraces 044 Wm[1]


The terraces are looking quite autumnal now.


I have pretty well left these borders to fend for themselves this year in favour of time spent on the bank and it’s obvious that gaps still need to be filled. The Persicaria virginiana var. filiformis at far left has grown taller than the rose behind it, in total and blatant disregard of the 60cm printed upon its label. To give you an idea, the wall behind it is 80cm high, so if we include the flower spikes it weighs in at well over a metre. In just one year. Such is the way of things in the mild and moist south west. If they are happy they just keep on growing. The persicaria will follow in the footsteps of so many previous offenders and relocate to more spacious accommodation come Spring.


Rose 'Susan Williams-Ellis' 004 Wm[1]


Pinned back against the wall.. Rose ‘Susan Williams-Ellis’

Complete with photobombing persicaria flower spike.


Rose 'Pat Austin' 009 Wm[1]


Rose ‘Pat Austin’ is looking good..


Geum 001 Wm[1]


Geum ‘Lost Label’

Possibly ‘Marmalade’. Putting on a very late show.


Chives 003 Wm[2]


And what about chives… in October?


Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' 005 Wm[1]


Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’

Or even witch hazel?


Cosmos 002 Wm[2]


Cosmos. Not what it said on the tin. It was supposed to be ‘Purity’

The bees don’t care.


Symphyotrichum 003 Wm[1]


Symphyotrichum, variety unknown

Aster to you and me. The bees don’t care about that either.


Hesperantha coccinea 'Fenland Daybreak' 003 Wm[1]


Another name changer, Hesperantha coccinea ‘Fenland Daybreak’, with Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’


Sedum 008 Wm[1]


Sedum, variety unknown. Probably ‘Herbstfreude’ (Autumn Joy).


Hedychium gardnerianum 001 Wm[1]


Hedychium gardnerianum

Ginger Lily


I’ll end back where we started. This plant is a triumph. It’s been growing in a border next to the house wall for the last couple of years and before that in a pot. It flowered the first year that I had it and then took on a sulk. Now it has six… SIX flower spikes. It sits in the lee of that big spruce tree we had down a couple of months back and I can only conclude that it has benefitted from all the additional light.


Sadly though the ginger lily has one further claim to fame.


The shot at the top of the post was the last one ever from our 18-200mm zoom lens. We’d taken the camera back to Mike’s study to have a look at the pictures on his computer screen and somehow the camera fell to the floor. I shall not divulge who had their hands on it at that last moment except that, mercifully, it was not me. The lens, our only lens, bore the brunt of the impact and literally split into two. We’ve ordered a replacement so hopefully I’ll be back in action before the weekend. Still.. Bloomers waits for no man. Or woman. Or lens. Until next time..


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