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The ducks have entered the murky world of surveillance.


I’ve been pondering getting a trail camera for a while. Each morning before breakfast, weather permitting, I go on a tour of inspection. Which of my precious new plantings have been munched overnight? What has been trampled? And who placed those ‘deposits’ oh so carefully, dead centre of the path, right where I am sure to put my foot?

If I’m ever to stand a chance of outwitting the forces ranged against me there’s only one place to start: Know Your Enemy.


Trail Cam 001[2]2


Obviously, some setting up is involved and refinement of technique.

And I’ve no idea where that temperature came from. Nothing remotely that high has been seen in these parts this summer. Perhaps it’s because the camera was out in the sun.


Trail Cam 002[1]


It also helps to remember where the camera is, and when it is switched on, if one is not to be caught out


Trail Cam 003[1]


Doh. Some people never learn


Trail Cam 004[1]


There are no prizes for guessing who would be the first to show up.

But my main interest was to find out what prowls around at night..


Trail Cam 009[1]



Not unexpected. I’ve seen them even in broad daylight.


Trail Cam 006[1]


No idea what this is.. it seems all legs. Fox cub? Baby deer?


Trail Cam 008[1]



There does seem to be something amiss with the temperature recording on the camera. Much as I’ve complained about the weather it didn’t get THAT low last month. Even if the early morning sun shining through the trees does look more like a hoar frost!


There have been other surprises too.



I had no idea we have hedgehogs. I’ve captured one in stills at various points around the garden as well, so either it’s an extremely active individual or there is a whole family living here.


And finally. No, we didn’t get a cat. So this really takes the biscuit..



Seems to have its territory well marked out..!




Techie update: I’m back online courtesy of a gadget that taps into the mobile network and works remarkably well considering it’s normally impossible to get a signal inside the house. It’s certainly more comfortable than sitting on a rock in a field, especially as the rain has returned with a vengeance! I’ll have a proper catch up with everyone as soon as broadband returns, hopefully early next week. Have a great weekend.