A short post today because our problems with broadband seem to be going from bad to worse, with BT unable to find the source of the trouble as yet. An engineer arrived early yesterday morning but since then we’ve still had numerous outages, no broadband at all throughout the evening and a phone line that sounds as though it too will give up the ghost at any minute.

The thought of putting up a dish and going with a satellite provider is becoming ever more attractive. I can only continue to apologise for rare appearances online, both in responding to comments and visiting your blogs. I am doing what I can in the limited windows of opportunity and hope you will bear with me.

In the meantime, to finish up the tree felling story, I’ll leave you with this.. one and a half days’ hard graft reduced to a mere 15 seconds:


[layerslider id=”13″]


 Crikey, if they’d worked that fast we could have afforded to do the lot!


Conifer 005 Wm[1]


Conifer 007 Wm


Conifer 008 Wm[1]