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I couldn’t watch.

Actually I did watch, most of the day in fact. But there were times when I held my breath..


Tree Felling 013 Wm[1]


There goes the woodpecker’s favourite perch..

I’m delighted to report Woodrow was back on the feeder this morning, regardless.


Tree Felling 014 Wm[1]


Don’t you wish you were a tree surgeon? Nope, me neither.

Respect mate.


I really must snip off those dead foxglove stems or they’ll seed all over.


Tree Felling 011 Wm[1]


At one point the chain saw got stuck in the tree and a grin spread across Mike’s face from ear to ear. You’ll recall we’ve seen that story before (here), but it’s heartening to know that it happens to the professionals too. Another saw had to be winched up the trunk to cut the first one out!


Tree Felling 015 Wm[1]


Look, no hands..

Each section was roped as it was cut and gently lowered to the ground, away from the borders and well clear of the water treatment plant.


Tree Felling 019 Wm[1]


Me King Kong


Tree Felling 018 Wm[1]


Nearer to the ground the easiest way was to toss the sections of tree trunk away. Accuracy was key. Unbelievably, each one landed within a few square feet..


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