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Eight months. Not eight continuous months, obviously, but this decorating project has really dragged on.

The study, I’d convinced Mike, would be such an easy room to tackle. And so it seemed at the start. Well, if you discount the discovery of the hornets’ nest on Day One. But after replacing floorboards, sanding and liming the whole floor (twice), stripping back woodchip wallpaper then reskimming the lime plastered walls, demolishing a cupboard and re-routing electrics, renewing a radiator and fitting three new doors, one of them constructed completely from scratch… how easy does it feel now?

I just dread to think what the rest of the house will bring.


Study 001 Wm[5]


The Before


Chucking out the clutter has made an obvious impact and it feels a whole lot more spacious now with the lighter floor and removal of that built in cupboard to the far right. I’m gradually transferring magazine subscriptions over to digital so the paper mountain should will not grow again.

Study 064 Wm[3]

The window was crying out to have a window seat and so now it has. I’ve thrown out the rather straggly plants that occupied it before and made a bench cushion for the ledge. The power points have been moved to underneath the desk, making that whole wall feel a good deal cleaner.


Study 002 Wm[5]


The Before


The black ‘feature’ on the ceiling wasn’t really a beam, just a line of black paint masquerading as such!

It’s interesting how light levels change across the seasons. This room is actually a whole lot brighter in winter, when the ‘before’ pictures were taken. The sun is lower in the sky then and shines straight through the window. In summer the overhanging thatch roof provides a very effective screen.


Study 065 Wm[1]


From this view the room is all doors. Three different colours of door since they are all now reclaimed.

The one on the left is by far the most successful, the door that Himself constructed from old pine floorboards. The door on the right had been acid stripped before we bought it and, to my mind, lost a lot of its character along with the paint. Perhaps we should think about making another one of our own to replace it. I’ve started dropping hints. In the meantime it’s still a massive improvement on what used to be there..


Study 003 Wm[5]


The Before


And finally… did you spot who was following us around as we made the tour?

Study 066 Wm[3]


I wonder if Ptolemy approves of his new abode..?


A Christmas gift from Mike.