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Mike woke me up this morning with a mug of coffee and a twinkle in his eye. No, not that sort of twinkle.

“I’ve been thinking. About the deer. I have an idea but I need some help with testing.”

The aroma of roasted beans had raised consciousness levels a little. Enough to enable recall of previous such escapades. “Is there water involved in this plan?”


“Go on then, tell me..”

Deer damage 001 Wm[1]

Ravaged raised bed


He went on to describe a list of components he had stashed up in the garage. Mike never throws anything away. Posts. Wire. Power pack. The makings of an electric fence. I do vaguely remember a throw away comment from the previous owner of the house in the dim and distant past, along the lines of “something that might come in useful one day”. It’s uncanny how little things that seem unimportant at the time come back to haunt you. He’d used it for keeping his dog within one area of the garden. So he said.

Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed, eagerly awaiting a reaction to his latest lightbulb moment.

A gulp of coffee as I collect my thoughts. “So just explain again, why is it me who needs to do the testing?”

“Because I need to stand by the plug, in case we have to turn it off in a hurry…”


Deer Defences 001 Wm[1]


Construction underway


Do you think it might work? Until we can come up with something more permanent?

Wish us luck.