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Cast your minds back to April, shortly after the rhododendrons received their ‘renovation’ prune.

We’ve had to wait a few weeks for the tree surgeons to come in and finish off the job and in the meantime of course the leaves have filled out, closing the view right back down.


Tree Felling 001 Wm[1]


Moving the ducks to a place of safety all I could hear were shouts of “Whoa, WHOA!!!!” as the guys negotiated the drive with their land rover and trailer. The notorious hairpin bend has claimed its fair share of victims (here) but the tree surgeons made it through unscathed.


Tree Felling 003 Wm[1]


Work gets underway


Tree Felling 005 Wm[1]


Harnessing up after lunch

With the foliage gone the quality of the light in the kitchen had already changed for the better.


There was, in certain quarters, a severe case of chainsaw envy. Will you look at the length of that blade (above). Until Himself tried to lift the machine off the grass… when perhaps his saw, at half the size, would maybe do after all. Boys, huh.


Tree Felling 004 Wm[1]


Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’, with more buds this year than ever before, was looking a tad vulnerable

Every tree branch was having to be dragged up through the garden to the chipper. But with Mike’s hastily conceived MDF construction my plant lost not a single leaf.


“Thanks…” One of the chaps passed the open door of my refuge in the greenhouse.


“For living on such a sloping site!”


Tree Felling 006 Wm[1]


At last. Seeing the wood for the trees..

It was a much tougher job than they’d expected, not least getting the largest of the tree trunks down to a reasonable level, even with the benefit of their extra long saw.  The stump that remains is over four feet across.


Tree Felling 002 Wm[1]




Tree Felling 007 Wm[3]




Tree Felling 008 Wm[1]


Contemplating the work ahead.. a passing blogger provides scale.


The tree fellas are not done yet either. We’ve booked them to come back for another three days.. and that’s just for one more tree. It’s huge. They were thinking about a crane, but given the impossibility of getting such a thing down here in the first place it now looks as if they’ll be using a zip line.. the mind boggles. And you’ll see it here first.




A rather tenuous link, perhaps, to Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day this month. But it is the setting of our gardens that acts as the all important frame to the picture that we create within. And for many of us it’s the foliage of trees which provides at least part of that frame, even if it might be from distant trees that can be ‘borrowed’ for the sake of the scene that we wish to paint.

Join Christina at her Garden of the Hesperides (here) who is planning dramatic changes of her own.




The ducks, meanwhile, have returned to survey their new surroundings.


Tree Felling 009 Wm[1]