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Thank you so much for all of your considered and helpful comments to the last post.

It seems there is still much to understand about comments and how they are handled by WordPress and when time permits I’ll do some digging through the documentation and try to shed some light on it. The fact that it seems to be a different experience for everyone, both here and on other WordPress blogs, suggests that a number of factors are at play.

The settings on your own computer or device may have much to do with it, such as having autofill enabled (or not) and whether or not you choose to accept cookies. does not use cookies, but WordPress almost certainly does.

The comment settings on WordPress allow me three different possibilities:

  • that I require no information at all prior to processing a comment
  • that I require name and email address
  • that the commentator has to be registered, which presumably means having a WordPress account.

I chose the middle option, which seems to offer some protection against spammers but without placing overly onerous demands on the commentator.

I’m more than delighted to read that everyone likes the current theme. It would be somewhat foolish then to consider changing it, even if I might be tempted to tweak it from time to time! I’m relying on you to let me know if something isn’t working anymore.

Text: left justification or centred? Most people didn’t seem to mind, with perhaps a sight leaning towards the left! For me, and some of you too, centred text works better with a lot of photographs, left justified when the post is mostly text. This is the convention I’ll adopt from now on.

You all love the larger pictures, even if that means the site takes a little longer to load, so they will stay too.

And you didn’t spare my blushes. It wasn’t meant to be an exercise in fishing for compliments, quite the reverse, but it was lovely to read them nevertheless. Thank you.