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..Bad gardener


Just part of the ‘pot ghetto’ still awaiting planting. Another five arrived just this morning. The greenhouse is full. The cold frames are full. Until I can clear some of the log jam I’ve no room to start off any more seeds. It must be May.




And the interval between rusty duck tales has been getting longer.

I’ve been trying hard to keep up with your own posts and the backlog of 82 on Feedly is a considerable improvement on the 182 of last week. I will catch up. Eventually. I do apologise and hope you will bear with me.


A couple of people mentioned over the last few days the frustration of having to re-enter all of their details each time they comment on a rusty duck post. Is that an issue for you too? Does it happen on other WordPress blogs or only on mine? It may be an inherent characteristic of WordPress, in which case there is little I can do, but if it is something configurable in the set up I will do my best to fix it.

Definitely within my scope to change is the look and feel of the blog. The last couple of years, around this time, I have upgraded the theme and I’m considering doing it again. Your feedback would be really helpful. I would like to know what you DON’T like about rusty duck, the things that make it harder for you to read, comment or share.

Are the photos too big?

Is the typeface easy to read?

What about the centre justification of text? I did this because most posts contain quite a few pictures, with the photo and the caption centred. So to create a consistent format throughout the blog I adopted centre justification as standard*.

How quickly does the site load? I’ve tended to believe that if it works for me on the couple of tin cans and bit of old string that constitute rural broadband it will work for anybody. But, I wonder, is that right?

And is there anything else that niggles?

Do please tell. Even if a previous commentator has already made the same point, a “yes, me too” in the comment box would still be much appreciated. Then I can get a feel for the scale of any problem.


Many thanks for your help.

*some older posts still need bringing into line