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Mike’s been back to the reclamation yard again.

He was after a couple more of those old pine boards to make architrave for around the door. But whilst he was there he spotted something else..


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No, not the Russian tank..

..at least I hope not. It isn’t parked in the drive yet so I think we’re OK.


Although for a few weeks now we’ve been after a metal container in which to storeΒ the bird feed. The wretched mice have chewed through the heavy duty plastic bin we used to use and deposited the contents all over the outhouse floor.


Timing couldn’t have been better..


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String or ribbons would once have been tied around those little loops alongside the slot and around the lid and then a seal applied to prevent tampering..


Feed Store 004 Wm[1]


Two old ballot boxes!


That should do it.

It gives rise to an interesting thought though. I wonder what mice would vote for, if they could?