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Where would we be without duct tape?

Especially with some cardboard and a pair of binoculars thrown in.




At 08.30 this morning it was cloudy and we wondered if we’d see anything at all.

But slowly, very slowly, the sun came out. Or at least the bit of it that could.


Solar Eclipse 004 Wm[1]


At 09.20 the light in the valley took on a peculiar blue/grey hue, the effect heightened by the mist that had lingered since dawn.


Solar Eclipse 003 Wm[1]


About five minutes after the maximum extent of the eclipse the grocery shopping turned up and I had to run up the hill to collect it.

Does Brian Cox have to do this? Somehow I doubt it.


But to me it was all a bit of an anticlimax really. The light is often a strange colour here, especially close to dusk, and I’d expected it to be a whole lot darker. The delivery driver had forgotten about the event entirely and obviously hadn’t noticed the difference at all.

From the image generated through our Blue Peter style contraption the estimated 90% coverage of the sun had obviously occurred. How awesome then is the strength of our star. Even with so much of it shielded it still has the power to light up the earth.


Solar Eclipse 001 Wm[1]