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You’d expect that, having got to the stage of thinking about soft furnishings, things would be looking up. Right?

Yes and no.


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There have been lovely comments on previous posts about how much you like the window in the study. I do too. At least, I love the amount of light it gives and the proportions in relation to the wall. Cottages can be dark. The overhang of the roof doesn’t help. The size of this window makes the most of the south facing aspect.

But there’s a problem.


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I believe the rationale behind this design is that both sides of the window can be cleaned from inside. But in my tiny study that’s the only benefit surely? Why else would you want to open it when half the available space in the room is now occupied by plastic and glass?


Study 046 Wm[1]


The pictures also show how little space there is to fix any kind of window covering.

No room at the top for a roman blind, which would have been my preferred option.

No room at the sides for shutters or portières.

I had a similar issue elsewhere (here). The window in the dining room I’ve left bare (for now) but that’s not an option I want to consider here. The desk is right up against this window in the study. It has a lovely view over the garden by day, but on cold dark winter evenings I sit next to a big black hole. It doesn’t feel very cosy.

There is JUST enough space for a very thin curtain rail between the ceiling and the top of the window, so perhaps that is the solution?

It could be. Except..


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In cob cottages the walls are tapered, wider at the bottom than the top.

Using a spirit level cunningly taped to a long bit of wood we calculate that the deviance from vertical is a cool 18cm. Where can you find curtain pole brackets that extend that far? Nowhere. The best I can achieve is 13cms. Round wooden blocks will have to make up the remainder of the distance.




The good news is I should be relocated back into the study by the weekend.


Minus a door. And a curtain. And a radiator.

Just as well it’s getting warmer huh?