The Post That Took A Year

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It’s been such a useful thing to do, focusing on the terraces throughout the course of this year.

They’ve been ripped apart twice and it wasn’t until September that I declared myself happy.. ish. Most of the original planting has now either been moved, not always at the prescribed time of year, or condemned to the compost heap. I’m left with a structure which I hope should settle in and mature nicely over the season to come. Time will tell, but I’m excited at the prospect of seeing it return in a better shape next year. Or at the very least, different. There are still gaps to fill but, hey, isn’t that what Spring Plant Fairs were invented for?

Looking at the pictures it’s clear that what I need to do next is extend the season at both ends. I’ve planted spring bulbs (into wire cages to protect them from mice) which I hope will help. And some of the late summer additions: dahlias, verbena, rudbeckia and persicaria for example, although too small to make much of an impact this year, should do so next.

And then at the end of each month I’ve dragged Mike out, kicking and screaming, to EXACTLY the same spot next to the greenhouse to replicate the ‘usual’ terraces shot. You can see from the sequence that we’ve not always been successful. And after 12 attempts I still don’t understand why. The house and the terrace walls really shouldn’t move in relation to each other from one month to the next. And yet somehow they do. Is it temperature, or humidity, that affects the camera lens? Whatever it is, we’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to recreate the same photograph twice.



Undeterred, I plan to move on to a new area of the garden for next year’s End of Month Review.

Taking part in the meme this year has provided that all important incentive. 12 times a year things have to be looking at least reasonable, right? Weeding now occurs on a regular basis (ooh la la). Extra thought is given to design and the proper placement of incoming plants. If something isn’t working it’s not only my eye it is likely to offend (yes, I am thinking about that red azalea..) and out it goes. Or at the very least, heaven forbid, it is moved. It’s on this basis that I’ve persuaded the photographer-in-chief to run with it again. His condition is that there are fewer fixed points of reference this time. So no walls then.



We’ll return to the terraces periodically to see how all the moving and shaking turned out.

But if you thought the terraces were a challenge just wait till you see what’s coming up next..


With many thanks to Helen at The Patient Gardener’s Weblog for hosting the End of Month review. Click through (here) to find out how other gardeners are summing up their year.