Is This A Plan?

This last couple of weeks it’s been on the soggy side working out in the garden. And yet I’ve been hankering after a project. Something big.

Whilst the weather is glorious how easy is it to forget about all the things that need doing on the house. Especially when it’s an old house and almost everything is chicken and egg. Take any small to medium sized job and there is usually a gargantuan one that really should be tackled first. A much needed makeover of the sitting room? Undoubtedly doomed to failure unless the fireplace is sorted out. And that involves rebuilding a chimney. You get the drift.

Enough is enough. If I’ve taken anything out of the last month or so it is that life is short. We need to get on. Starting early next year I hope we can kick off some of the big stuff. The chimney for sure and, while the scaffolding is up, some work to the thatch on the roof. But perhaps there is one room that is relatively self-contained. And so, baaa-rring the unforeseen intrusion of that flock of sheep, we’ve thrown ourselves full on into renovating the study.

Working on an old building is always unpredictable, that’s what makes it so exciting. Already there have been surprises..


Good ones..



When the hateful orange carpet came up this is what we found. These boards are a full 12 inches wide. Although some will need replacing.


And bad..





Of course there will still be the garden, when weather allows, but maybe a few new stories to regale you with on the coldest days to come. After all, when did anything round here ever go exactly according to plan?




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