NOooooo… Again!!


Do they look sheepish to you?

And well they might.



Salad trough



Top terrace.

Mike was walking back from his shed when he saw them. 20 or so sheep, parading up and down the gravel path in front of the house.



Freshly laid


Now, any blogger worth her salt knows just what to do in the face of adversity. Run for the camera. So it wasn’t until much later that we realised just how far they’d roamed..



Middle level terrace.

Things wouldn’t have been so bad if the ground wasn’t so wet. Their hooves had sunk deep into the soil. They’ve trampled the bank alongside the drive as well, all the way to the top.


And so the list of adversaries continues to grow.


Mice (or voles).


Slugs and snails.





“Is she pointing at us?”




Woodpeckers. Although the jury is still out..



Did I forget anyone?



I give up.