Flying Visit

We were up in The Midlands for most of last week and took a leisurely drive back. Leisurely enough to consider breaking the journey half way. Somewhere around Bristol. So, what were the options?

Would it be joining the throng of early Christmas shoppers at Cribbs Causeway?





Trumpeter Swan, Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.


No contest.

There were a pair of these, circling their lake and repeatedly trumpeting in turn. They are well named. The largest species of swan apparently. Exquisite birds.



Someone had spilled some grain over the side of the glass barrier at the flamingo pool. A Mute Swan spotted it, enabling us to get as close as I’ve ever been to a swan. A matter of inches from its eye.



Yum Yum



Not that the flamingos were bothered



Plumed Whistling Ducks



Bar Headed Geese

If you remember from our last visit to Slimbridge (here), these are the world’s highest flying geese. Their migration route takes them across the Himalayas.



Red Crested Pochard

I can sympathise mate, that happens to me after a blow dry too.



White faced Whistling Ducks

How cute are they? They all seem to stand and look the same way..



Mirror image



Hawaiian geese (Nene)

“Ooo.. Don’t mind if I do..”



Coscoroba Swan

The smallest swan, more like a goose. So graceful.



American Flamingos

..In the pink


And finally..



Slimbridge at dusk.

The Greylag geese, having spent the day shamelessly ambushing small children for the contents of those little brown bags, took off in waves towards the estuary or wherever they spend the night.

Right over the top of our heads. Magic.