Seek And Ye Shall Find







We have to look more closely for colour now, but it is there. The far end of the bed isn’t all that bad.



 Astrantia major, Hydrangea (variety unknown), Dahlia ‘Karma Chocolate’, Salvia x jamensis ‘Pluenn’, Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’, Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ and Persicaria ‘Orange Field’

Except the yellow really jars for me there. The day lily is the only original plant left in this part of the border. What better reason to move it.

If I was brave enough, could I put it next to these…?



Salvia patens and Verbena rigida


The astrantia, gaura, persicaria and verbena have been blooming for months, a characteristic to look out for as I continue to fill up the gaps, especially at the left hand end of the border where it’s now looking a bit bare. In the relatively limited space offered by the terraces a long flowering season is a must.



Rose ‘Boscobel’ is not giving up.

If the weather stays mild I could get still more blooms from her.



The climbing rose on the house wall, whichever variety it may be, is also still flowering albeit at a more leisurely pace.



 Alstroemeria ‘Princess Diana’, Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’

Another two that have been in bloom for months. The alstroemeria is looking a bit ragged now.




Once again, I’m sorry for the long gap between posts and somewhat intermittent visits to you as well.

Mum’s funeral is next week and after that I want to take a few days out before settling back into the old routine. There’s a lot of work to do too. Other than a bit of deadheading and cutting back I’ve achieved very little on the terraces this month.




Now what’s this all about? It usually flowers in late winter..



Geum ‘Rusty Young’

..and the geums in late Spring.




And if that isn’t batty enough..



Happy Halloween!!


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