Oh, The Irony..


Mike is a cautious sort.

In his workshop (shed) he has a first aid kit. It came from a car we had a while back which, mysteriously, came supplied with two. Most of the time the box sits quietly on a shelf above the door. But as I was out watering in the greenhouse yesterday afternoon there came an enormous crash. Then a dull thud. And then a yowl. It turns out that a gust of wind had caught the shed door and slammed it shut. The consequent shaking of the structure was sufficient to dislodge the first aid kit.. which then fell and hit Mike squarely on the head.


In other news…


The weather has been shite. Everywhere we look now there are leaves. Albeit some quite pretty ones, or would be if they were poised elegantly on the trees rather than forming a soggy mess on the ground. The difference over the last 24 hours has been quite incredible.



We have almost lost the steps up to the garage..

And this is only a fraction of what is yet to come. Apparently there’s another remnant hurricane on the way. It may be worth waiting a day or two to start clearing, but there’s no harm in getting the leaf blower out to see if the mice have managed to sabotage it. Again.



Iris foetidissima


Over the last few weeks Mike has made significant inroads into ‘The Heap’:



Same view from August:



He has found rocks and, most recently, a load of broken up tarmac hidden beneath the soil. When we get to the end there’ll be a ceremonial slashing back of the ‘hedge’ behind it to about a third of the current height. It should be possible to look down over the river from there.


And finally..

I thought I needed a treat.



The pot ghetto has expanded again. Just when I’d almost cleared it.

But RHS Rosemoor were holding a plant sale. 50% off. And there was a members’ preview evening. What’s a gardening girl to do? From left to right: Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ (yes, another one), Hydrangea arborescens ‘Invincible Spirit’, Echinacea purpurea ‘Rubinstern’, Viburnum carlesii ‘Diana’, Salvia x jamensis ‘Pluenn’ and David Austin Rose ‘The Lark Ascending’.

Thing is, will I be able to get them all planted before this sunken area completely fills up with leaves?