Thank you so much for all of your comments on the previous post. I’m sorry for not replying individually as I normally would but be assured each one has meant a lot to me, as have all the separate emails I’ve received.

Mum passed away peacefully on Friday evening. It’s been a strange weekend. With little that could be done in terms of arrangements it was an interlude that felt almost normal in a surreal sort of way. The angst of waiting for the inevitable lifted, we went for a walk. Mike pressure washed the greenhouse inside and out (it’s now sparkling) and I launched forth into battle with the crocosmias (again). It’s back to reality now. There is the funeral to arrange and the awful job of having to sort through Mum’s things.

Here are just a few photographs from our walk, on a day when the sky seemed to be full of rainbows. I noticed exactly the same thing when my father died 20 years ago. Spooky huh?




Big dramatic skies..